My Muse(s)

In no particular (okay, alphabetical!) order:

Amanda - (Her link is a family blog so I don't want to post it!) Amanda and I have known each other since we were barely married and way before any kids came along. This is a passion of hers too and I love looking at her work for inspiration, especially some of the challenges in which she participates.

Ashley Sisk - We all know by now how much I love her Scavenger Hunts, but she also posts awesome tutorials in shooting and editing.  I don't have a very excited editing program (just the freebie Picasa) but I still bookmark different posts for the future.

Kim Schmidt Photography - Kim and I were first brought together by our love of reading; it was only after she moved to my area that I had any idea that she was such an awesome photographer.  She has given me tips and ideas and even sold me my first lens.

The Photo Kitchen - I was so lucky to meet Jen when we not only worked together, but were also pregnant at the same time.  Our oldest children are only a few weeks apart and, whether they like it or not, will someday marry each other.  Her talent is almost as amazing as her friendship, and my family has been lucky enough to be on the other end of her camera many times.

The Pioneer Woman - I love reading this blog for the chance to teach myself new things.  Her contests inspire me to challenge myself, and my goal in life is to someday have a photo appear in one of her "groups."  She provides awesome tutorials, not to mention giveaways, and is the epitome of the self-taught photographer.

Two Peas in a Bucket - I've started their 12-week tutorial, and I love it (though I'm admittedly rather behind).  Their challenges and forums will help any photographer, regardless of skill level, improve.

Last but not least, my biggest source of inspiration comes from my children.  I'm sure I'm biased, but they are perhaps the most adorable children ever, and I love pulling out my camera and capturing their giggles, messes, and innocence as they grow.  The albums and photo books I've made are for sure my most prized possessions.

Please continue to check this page - I'll be adding various links and resources as I find them!