Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I'm BACK! I've been MIA due to the end of school, but the year is behind us - I now have 8 weeks ahead of me of hanging with my boys and snapping some fun photographs. I've really missed these challenges! I've done a few here and there... maybe I'll post a catch-up blog entry to share some of them.

As always, visit Ramblings and Photos to see everyone else's shots!

1. EYELASHES: I didn't even bother taking a self-portrait for this one, but not because of my insecurity behind the lens (although that's there too!). No, I just happen to be blessed with the world's sparsest, shortest lashes - so a photo of them would hardly be interesting. Instead, here's what I use to try to make them a little more apparent:

2. WINDOWS/DOORS: This shot makes me laugh. I posed my youngest on his toy box, promising him that a deer was coming and he should watch (don't judge - you know you do it too). Instead, I snapped this at the exact moment he dropped his goldfish; if you look carefully, you can even see one that hasn't yet hit the floor:

3. FACELESS PORTRAIT: This is a horribly blurry, sit-in-front-of-a-dirty-mirror kind of shot. I almost didn't even post it, but whatevs. One of my goals for the summer is to work on my set up skills and actually USE the remote control I have for my camera.

4. PAINT: As soon as I saw "paint" on the list, I thought my little bottles of polish. I used to be a twice-monthly manicure kinda girl, but 2 kids and a full-time job don't really jive that with that notion. Bummer. Instead, I sometimes treat myself to a new bottle when I'm at Target; these three are the ones I took out a couple of days ago - decisions, decisions...

5. LEAF VEINS: These are from our "Yoshi fruit" tree. I was getting frustrated because the breeze kept messing with my shot, but I kind of like this one:


  1. i love the light on your yoshi fruit tree!!!

  2. Really beautiful work - and I actually love your window shot!

  3. Great pictures! I really like your paint shot! Lovely job! :)
    And that is too funny about how you got your windows pictures. Haha! ;)


  4. great pictures! Love the first shot!

  5. Wow...these were really cool shots. I loved them!

  6. Hi!! Wonderful shots!! I just love your eyelashes and window shot (yep i bribe my son as well :) ). Have a good week! Sabrina

  7. Really like your choice for eyelashes, very clever.