Monday, August 1, 2011

Up Up and Away!

This past weekend was the annual Quick Check Balloon Festival, and the balloons launch from an airport not too far from us. We usually drive around and find a spot to park (usually in a location where we can also purchase Munchkins!) but this year we hit the jackpot.

As we drove around "following" them, we actually stumbled across where they landed. And they clearly don't have a designated landing site, as evidenced below; they land where they land, even if it means landing in someone's front yard.

This one literally landed in the middle of the road. They eventually moved it to a driveway so that they could properly deflate it and pack it up.

Many landed within a block or two of each other. The neighborhood was just buzzing with crew trucks and excited families. Can you imagine going out for a pizza and coming home to finding this?? (Or worse... coming home to find out that you MISSED this!)

My kids, of course, thought our night was just amazing. I'm pretty sure we'll never experience a balloon festival quite this exciting again!

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