Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Happy Sunday! Usually Sundays are pretty bittersweet - who doesn't kind of dread the end of the weekend?? But my weekend was pretty busy, actually, so I'm almost looking forward to going in to work tomorrow for a few hours. :)

Plus, Sundays bring the next 5 items on Ashley Sisk's scavenger hunt list!

1. FINGERTIPS: I recently upgraded to an iphone, and my oldest has used it more than I, I think. He's a master at Angry Birds!

2. WALKING EMPTY STREETS: "Walking empty streets" is what I WISH I was doing in this photo, rather than waiting in a very long line to cross the border!

2. REPEATING PATTERNS: We chased some hot air balloons last night during the Balloon Festival and watched them actually land in people's yards.

4. FLOOR: I love catching them being silly. And I really want to bite his belly.

5. THEN AND NOW: This is, obviously, from the archives... but in the middle of a crazy heat wave, it's sometimes nice to think about the weather from a few months ago!


  1. These are wonderful - I love your first shot. Adorable.

  2. oh my little one is a master at Angry Birds as well - must be their tiny fingers!

  3. Clever take on Now and Then and I love the fingertips :) Beautiful balloons! Great set!

  4. Clever was the word that popped into my brain too! I really enjoyed your photos.