Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Make-Up Scavenger Hunt

Here are a few of the shots I've taken over the past few weeks in failed attempts at completing Ashley's scavenger hunts:

1. TOY:

2. BLING: This was our cake topper for our wedding. I love all the details, including the fresh wedding bands on both of their hands.

3. LETTERS: Where did the "e" go? :(

4. BEADS: These are from a Mother's Day present that my oldest made for me about 3 years ago. It broke, spilling the beads all over the street, about 2 hours later. But I snatched as many as I could find and keep them in the box he made for me.

5. CHORE: Yuck.

6. LOOKS LIKE A LETTER OF THE ALPHABET: My coffee cup, of course, making a Q.

7. FARM, or HIDDEN: I can kill both birds with this one since this is a photo of my son's FARM puzzle... and the horse seems to be hidden. :)

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  1. These are so wonderful - so glad you still shared them!