Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Ack! I'm behind again! I've been starting each week but then falling behind. I have some catch-up shots to post later this week, but first - an actual completed Scavenger Hunt!

1. BARE: My fingernails! This is a rare occurrence where they are actually polish-free. Not long after the shot, however, they were painted a brilliant shade of Back to the Fuchsia. :)

2. REFLECTIONS IN GLASS: This shot is several years old; that baby in the stroller is heading rapidly to age 5! This was taken in Washington DC in the reflection of a very dirty storefront.

3. SEEING DOUBLE: This shot could easily be titled "Seeing Triple" or even "Seeing Quadruple." My youngest cannot go to sleep w/out his Mickey, and we actually have a plethora of spares.

4. HEADLIGHTS: I nearly tripped over this truck but the stream of expletives slipping out of my mouth was instantly ceased when I decided to use it for a scavenger hut shot. (PS: Ryan calls them "Hess Hess trucks" - I love that he says it twice.)

5. BLACK AND WHITE: This is another oldie-but-goodie, also taken from DC. I love the little piece of advice on the bottom of the cup.


  1. Love the message on black and white - I also like your reflection shot!

  2. Reflections...what a great way to get a family shot! Love your BW quote as I decide not to take a nap! I love Mickey Mouse; I even wear a Mickey Mouse watch. Fun set!